Dental Screenings and Sealants 

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UAMS Dental Hygiene Clinic will be coming to cotter School on September 10 to screen the 3rd grade students to see who qualifies for dental sealants.  If your child qualifies (and you signed the permission form) your child will then go to the Christian Clinic in Mountain Home on October 27 to get the sealant and flouride varnish.

Dental sealants are a thin protective plastic coating, applied to the molars (back teeth), that will seal out food and bacteria which cause tooth decay.  The flouride varnish also helps prevent tooth decay. 

UAMS offers many services throughout the year.  These services are either free or cheaper than the usual price.  Call the clinic to find out what they are offering and if your family may qualify for the services.

UAMS Dental Hygiene Clinic
Christian Clinic in Mountain Home

Since staff is not in the clinic 5 days a week, just leave a message and someone will get back with you.